The end of Lastpass is near?

Today after logging in to Evernote with Google Chrome, a popup asked me “Would you like to Google Smart Lock to save your password?” That means, they have finally chosen something to do about the very insecure built in password manager. I use Lastpass and hardly ever save anything via the built in password manager in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But after seeing this I started to think whether its going to be the same thing like what happened with Xmarks.
Before Google and Firefox sync was launched, I used Xmarks as a bookmarks manager to be saved in the cloud. But eventually, I ditched Xmarks completely and started using Firefox Sync. I also abandoned Screengrab in the same way, after Firefox Screenshot was launched.
At this, I think Lastpass will be facing the same fate as Xmarks very soon, and the irony is, both are from the same enterprise, Marvasol Inc.

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