The dangers of YouTube!

Slowly, but surely, Youtube is becoming just like Cable Company, on which you can watch certain things for free but with ads. And some of the contents are non-free that you have to pay actual money to watch those videos.
But they didn’t start like this. They first got us used to watch more and more videos on Youtube, then they started motivating people to upload videos, by paying actual money, in other words, buying the video from the uploaders with real money. But they paid only to those whose videos are a super hit, i.e., got lots of views. In this model, Youtube does not have the risk of losing money for poor content, where the TV channels do lose money by buying poor contents that are watched by nobody.


There were very few quality content on Youtube. Like many of the things coudln’t be uploaded to Youtube because of Copyright issues. And the number of copyright claims skyrocketed when more and more people started copying the contents that are copyrighted. Youtube countered those problems with a better deal. They started paying more for original content, and started motivating general people to create quality content that could be viewed by anybody and Youtube lets upload anyone any video, but pays only those whose videos were viewed many times. They also made the same offer to the music industry and the music industry was kind of forced to embrace the decision.
Henceforth, several stars started focusing more on music videos than to actual music.

Another advantage of Youtube is it is not bounded by time, while the TV Channels are. They have only a few hours of primetime, and fit all those programs on those slots. Whereas Youtube videos can be watched anytime, any number of times.

The one and only real problem Youtube faced is increasing its sevice availablity to users with lower bandwidth and lower speed that is not good enough for streaming. Apart from Google Fibre, a high speed optical fibre connection, owned by Google, Google encourages ISPs to maintain a cache server locally, by this clever technique, the ISPs are saving a lot of bandwidth, i.e., money. And the users are gaining a lot of contents with a super fast internet speed without paying anything extra. And Google just have to push through their Ads in between, even if the video is being served from the cache, i.e., making more money for Google.

I think this is the biggest Trilateral WIN-WIN-WIN situation ever. Even Quadrilateral WIN can be considered if you count the Advertisers or the PRODUCT VENDORs.

Even after all these, TV still dominated, until Youtube started allowing live broadcasts of the TV Channels on their own virtual channels on Youtube, which every other user on Youtube already has. Slowly, I think they analyzed the popularity of live tv on Youtube. and Upon finding the result, they changed their look a little bit and offered live TV Channels as Premium Content available only after you PAY REAL MONEY, which is basically, a cable company. Apart from YouTube RED, the premium version of the YouTube, this is yet another sign that shows us how giant Youtube has become! and the worse part is were are being almost hopelessly addicted to this.



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