Somewhere I read that Facebook addiction reflects very similar symptoms as cocaine or heroine addiction. The withdrawal effects of Facebook is resembles as it is to other drugs.

I would like to coin it as “Information Addiction”, information that we care about. I don’t care what some strange people ate for breakfast or watching what shitty movie. But when it is about someone we know, then it becomes attractive for us.

Few weeks ago, I went for trekking in a remote place, where they do not have mobile network and obviously, there is no internet, being very close to the Bangladesh-India border. We were lost in the jungle for about 3 hours and that is when we realized how much are we dependent on those invisible radio waves. We screamed at the top of our lungs but nobody came for rescue. We discovered our way back by sheer coincidence.

Right after we were out, everybody felt a sudden urge to talk to their family, so we went to a place with two bar signal, about a mile away from our dormitory. And on our way back, every single one of us resurfaced their heads on Facebook with new profile pictures.

It is quite difficult not to respond to the call of Facebook. Slowly but surely, almost all of us are becoming junkies.


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