Today I traveled nearly at the speed of light

I think I live such in a place shown in the movie “Interstellar“. There is a planet near a gigantic black hole that time is highly diluted due to gravitation. Every hour on that planet is almost 7 years on earth.

So, every minute on that planet is approximately 1.4 months (7*12/60 months) on earth.

I leave for work at 7:05 am everyday and reach around 8:05 am (giving ample time for breakfast before 8:30 am).

Today I was 4 minutes late looking for my glasses. And here we are! Its 8:22 am and still pushing the traffic like a slug. Got plenty of time to type this.

uglyduckblog how i traveled at the speed of light

Image source: BuzzDHK

Update: Reached at 8:37 am. Now calculating the speed distance between my work and home in light-years. This is a “mathematically proved” sarcasm, by the way, since I have nothing better to do. (not true, I actually have a shitload of work to, Fuck my life!

So, every 4 minutes at my home is 32 minutes at work. Hence, following the formula of time dilation due to speed,


Source: Casio


Time at origin, To = 4 * 60 seconds

Time at target, T = 32 * 60 seconds

v = c *  sqrt((1-(To/T)^2))) = 299792.458 *  sqrt((1-(4/32)^2))) km/s = 297441.108 km/s

So, I was travelling at 99.216% of the speed of light.

Total travel time = 8:37 am – 7: 09 am = 1 hour and 32 minutes = 92 minutes = 92*60 seconds. Hence the distance is = 297441.108 * 92*60 km = 1641874917.82 km = 1.73550023 × 10-5 light-years = 0.0001735463157499837 light-years [that is nearly a billion miles and not even a single light-year 😦]

Time dilation may also occur because of the gravitation due to enormous bodies (such as massive planets, stars, Yo Mama), and is known as Gravitational time dilation. Yeah, you read that right, Yo Mama.


So, either I work at a massive black hole a billion miles away, or traveled nearly at the speed of light.


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