How the fuck is this even a news?

Call me sexist, but in the context of Bangladesh, what qualifications does she have other than physical beauty?
I have seen her anchoring on several occasions and you can’t even call it a talent. Modeling is not considered a talent nowadays because a good camera and better editing skills can make anyone look pretty.

I am thoroughly jealous of this sort of “born-lucky” people, specially girls.

Now she is married to a rich non-resident bengali guy, living at UK, she would also be living there, enjoying the wealth of her husband. Without even hardly working, the lady will be enjoying holidays at a fancy beach and will be shopping at Dubai.

And the worst part is, she didn’t even have to work hard for it.

All she had to do was to do nothing.
Being pretty is not a talent, neither being rich. I know she studied in North South University, the most expensive private university in Bangladesh. I can safely assume that she had both since birth.
And after teaching several years in several private universities of Bangladesh, I am fully aware of the truth that how grades are awarded in Bangladeshi private universities (not all the private universities are the same though).

To achieve the same level of comfort and quality of life, a person (man or women) who was not rich by birth or pretty, have to struggle unimaginably hard. Even after trying tooth and nail, very few people can reach to such state. If you are not by born rich, life is probably gonna fuck you hard and dry.

My point is the world is not fair (or fare? what is the correct spelling?). We all know it. But sometimes these sort of examples are thrown at us by the mainstream media, forcing us to react upon it.

How the fuck is this even a news?



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