Social Media

What good social media like Facebook had ever brought to me? Surprisingly, none. NONE!

Then what is the point of it? I had been thinking about this a lot, lately. Few days ago, somebody posted praising one of our least favourite teachers. He was a total jerk. I hurricaned on my keyboard to prove him wrong. But before posting my thought wass “What will I lose/gain if I don’t post that? What would I miss if the guy’s opinion doesn’t change? ”

I refrained myself from posting that and forgot the issue.

Again, last week I fucked up big time. A friend of us was notorious for keeping different facebook profiles for his different parts of life, one for friends, one for family and relatives, one for office, another for other purposes. These profiles sometimes overlap each other in terms of activities, mutual friends and “perople you may know” suggestions. Eventually, this was known and accepted by everyone who knew him.

I discovered yet another new profile and as he was close, I sent the link of the profile to some of our mutual friends and I showed it to him. He really did mind. I couldn’t delete it as it was already sent. Being unable to undo the mistake, I asked him to block the people to whom I sent the link, as a solution. He eventually accepted the solution, but still remained mad at me. The situation became awkward, and I kicked myseld a thousand times for intruding his privacy, not knowing the border.

I made this sort of mistake a thousand times, sworn not to do such things ever again. But, look who did it again.


So, better to leave it for the time being.


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