How to mount ISO without consuming space

Short answer:


# sudo mount -o loop /path/to/iso /path/to/mount/point


# sudo umount /path/to/mount/point

Long answer with a bit background:

I faced this problem while installing Matlab 2014b in Linux. I have been using Xubuntu installed with WUBI and the filesystem had 12 GB free space. The downloaded ISO itself was 6.7 GB and i mounted with the following command to cause the ISO to take up 6.7 GB space.

$ mount /home/duck/Downloads/matlab_r2014b_Linux64.iso /mnt

This left me with very little space to install Matlab. So, i moved the ISO file to a different partition and tried to mount it from there.

$ mount /media/duck/6AD4DDA9D4DD77B1/matlab_r2014b_Linux64.iso /mnt

Again, the similar problem occurred as after mounting, there were around 5.3 GB space left. So, I thought mounting an ISO eats up the space and but why twice the space would be required to use the ISO?

Besides, I could not unmount it for some weird reasons.
# sudo umount -a, # sudo umount -R none were working.

I tried a software called “Furius ISO Mount”, but didn’t have any luck.
After some Google, I discovered that, adding a -o loop option after the mount command does the trick. The ISO file will be mounted from its location and the mount point will not take any extra space.

So the ultimate command is:

To mount:

# sudo mount -o loop /path/to/iso /path/to/mount/point

To unmount:

# sudo umount /path/to/mount/point

For example, I have the ISO in


and I want to mount it on


The command should be:



To mount:

# sudo mount -o loop /media/duck/6AD4DDA9D4DD77B1/matlab_r2014b_Linux64.iso /home/duck/iso/

To unmount:

# sudo umount /home/duck/iso

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