North Korea – The country that executes people for watching a movie!

Ok, so which fucking year is it?
Did I hear it right?
Yeah, 2014.
What? Really? 2014? I though we were in pre-medieval time watching this video.

Yeonmi Park tells her story of life in North Korea and calls for action against such human rights violators. Yeonmi was speaking at the One Young World Summit 2014 in Dublin.

If you are on a slow or limited internet, click here.

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Have you ever heard the word human rights? Why do not anyone care about North Korea? Don’t you know what is going on over there?

The world bully, US, who are so concerned about bringing democracy and world peace to different parts of the world, why are you keeping your eyes closed about North Korea? Because there is no oil in there? Fuck you.

It seems like the whole world is so busy and obsessed about muslims being terrorists, we forgot what is going on other parts of the world.

Executing people for watching a hollywood movie? or Making an international phone call? You’ve got to be shitting me!

Fuck you Kim Jong Un! And your 14 generations before and after you.

And if you even think about a second any different, fuck you too.


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