[solved] Mashup XBMC not working – Fixed Nov 19, 2014

Here is what you should do to get back mashup with super search, Mbox, iLive and many others!

  • Download the zip file from this link:
    Remember where you are downloading it.
  • Run XBMC and go to Settings>Addons>Install from zip file.
    Navigate to the downloaded zip file.
  • Wait a few seconds to get a popup saying Mashup was enabled.

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GIF version

If your current mashup addon is already showing the goodbye message, you should remove it and the follow the above steps to reinstall from the downloaded zip file.

  • Run XBMC and go to videos>video addons and right click (or long press for other devices) on mashup and select Addon settings and click remove and confirm by clicking Yes.
Remove mashup before installing

Remove mashup before installing

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32 responses to “[solved] Mashup XBMC not working – Fixed Nov 19, 2014

  1. Hi me again I found ilive but like most of the addons when I click on the live sport it just coming up blank no streams nothing am I doing something wrong

    • I think I am going to make a video for you about how to fully configure Kodi (XBMC). Meanwhile try the video i gave you in the other comment.

      Dont give up, its worth the hassle. 😀

      • Cheers mate I really am clueless as to this xbmc I have an mx box quad core with kitkat or something I have navi x running no probs I got the India/Pakistan sports addon but as I say things like ilive when I click on the menus there is nothing no streams or feeds ice film is the same I think it maybe down to me being ridiculously thick

      • Hi mate, I have made some videos for you so that you can enjoy sports.
        Let me know if these were enough or i made you more confused with all those.

        Follow these 4 videos and let me know if everything is alright. Don’t forget to check the descriptions of the videos.

        Playlist URL: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzftG6ROXBDtKyw5x9PqHUhYThpoXrhXp

        1. Installing the installers: Fusion, Xfinity, SuperRepo and TotalXBMC

        Name: *Fusion
        URL: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag

        Name: *Xfinity
        URL: http://xfinity.xunitytalk.com/watch

        Name: *SuperRepo
        URL: http://srp.nu

        Name: *TotalXBMC
        URL: http://i.totalxbmc.tv

        It is important to have all the urls correct.

        2. Installing the repositories from the installers

        3. Installing the addons

        4. Where are the sports streams

    • I have tried everything I could think of, and have installed and uninstalled numerous times and when I open Mashup in my Kodi 14.2 windows 8 setup, either I loose Mashup after a few restarts, or I get the message when opened ” I can See You “, see pic, any suggestions ?

  2. Ok so I clicked on the new menu on ilive clicked live sports and as usual I get error script failed it’s burning my head out now it must be something simple but I just can’t figure it out HEEELLLLPPPP

    • May be you dont have the latest version of iLive installed. Right click (or long press) on iLive and select addon information. The latest version should be 0.2.4.
      Or you might not have the correct repository installed. Go to Settings>Addons>install from zip file > fusion > xbmc repos and then install the Blazetamer repo or the The YID Repo.

  3. Hi everyone is there anyone here who Can help me to install again my mash up on my Apple tv. I am so helpless huhuhu. You Can contact me on my email mads_magnus@yahoo.com thanks guys. Please help me to fix it again.

    • i dont have apple tv, i wish i could help. but please be specific about what kind of problem you are facing.
      Maybe some will find and post an answer.

      • we have an Apple box and its connected in our tv. I want to install again the mash up but i am having a hard time of doing this please Can you help me. We Can talk through yahoo or Skype so you Can guide me better step by step. I am from Denmark. Please please.

      • Hi Magnus, There is a fix, but it is a bit complicated.

        first, open your xbmc and move the mouse over Settings, and you will see File Manager, click on File Manager. Click on Add source and type


        and type


        as the name and click done.

        Second, click on Settings>Addons>Install from zip file and select Mashup, click on Mashup.zip and wait. This might take a while until you get a popup saying “Mashup – Addon enabled”.

        Now go to Videos>Videos Addons and you will see Mashup there.

        N.B.1. Be careful about the address, it has to be exact.


        N.B.2. After you click on the mashup.zip, if nothing happens after a long time, repeat the second step until mashup is enabled.

        Hope that helps. Let me know.

      • Thank you so much i Think i have done that before but o will try it again later when i get back home. Im going to follow my som on his training. I would right back to you about the result. And by the Way my name is Ailen. Thanks

      • hej i am back it helps but everytime i am clicking the video and add on and click mash up there is a message like this on the screen. FAILED TO IMPORT NEEDED MODULES. NO MODULES NAMED RESOURCES.LIBS. REPORT MISSING MODULE AT MASHUPXBMC.COM TO FIX. what hould i do?

      • ours is Called gothem. I Will try to download again. Is there a possibility for you to contact me on yahoo? Or Skype? So you Can guide me. My husband boufht this Apple tv box to someone without knowing how to operate it. Haha. Thats why i am trying to figure it out what to do.

      • I would love to help/guide you.

        I don’t have apple tv thats why i have very little idea about how to install xbmc/kodi on it. Once you install the latest version (14.0 helix), i can help you from there.

      • ok thank you so much for your time i really appreciate it. Thinking to have a break with this stuff coZ im getting crazy now. Thank you for your help. Have a Nice Day.

      • don’t give up. rather have a break tonight. try again tomorrow.
        Sorry, i couldn’t help with Apple TV ( i have zero knowledge about it ), but after you install the latest version of XBMC on it, i can guide you over skype or any other medium.

        Believe me, its totally worth the hassle. 🙂

      • but even i download the latest version of xbmc it still the same i am using the Apple tv box connected on our tv. Our version is xbmc v 13.2 gothem.

      • Hi Ailen, could you please try again and this time, go to settings>addons>install from zip file>*Mashup>download.this.file.zip (instead of mashup.zip) and wait until you see its enabled.

        If it doesn’t work, let me know.

      • hej again our xbmc is working now someone help me to download phoenix now we can see movie. thank for your help anyway. god bless you.

  4. hi my wife bought me a wireless keyboard, for my xbmc box
    ever since it has been used I found that xbmc site is not working at all
    with or without the new remote,
    and my box is telling me to free up some space which I have tried with no success. how can I get hold of a paper version of instructions.

  5. I guess I should of put this in a separate post rather then a reply, sorry, see below.

    I have tried everything I could think of, and have installed and uninstalled numerous times and when I open Mashup in my Kodi 14.2 windows 8 setup, either I loose Mashup after a few restarts, or I get the message when opened ” I can See You “, see pic, any suggestions ?

    • Hi, I am sorry for the late reply. I have moved back from Sweden. It took me a while to settle down. Delete your current version of Mashup, install superrepo from http://srp.nu and install mashup from there. It is better if you switch to Genesis, SALTS or iStream.

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