SSH without a password!

I just learned that you can actually SSH to a host without a password if you have the right key.

Normally, if you want to ssh to a host, you do like,


It then asks for a password. But if you don’t know it but somehow managed to get the ssh key, you can login to that host without password.

simply refer to that key with -i <key>

#ssh -i sshkey.private


Bandit level 13 doesn’t provide a password for the next level, rather gives you an SSH key, which should be used to SSH to level 14.

So, SSH to bandit13 first if you didn’t already.


password is: 8ZjyCRiBWFYkneahHwxCv3wb2a1ORpYL

then you are supposed to do like,
#ssh -i sshkey.private

For some reason you can’t do that (they gave a hint about this in the description). But as you are already logged on to, you can use localhost instead.

#ssh bandit14@localhost -i sshkey.private

And you should be logged in no time.
By the way, I am loving Bandit. 😀


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