Install a font without admin privilege (windows only)

I have not been writing so many posts these days, because I am pretty busy with my thesis work. For that, I need to stay long hours in the lab. I don’t have admin rights on those computers as those are simple workstations and i have to login using my university username and password.

But for some reasons, I needed to install a font, which required admin privilege. And it is practically impossible to install a font on a windows 7/8 computer without having admin privilege. So, this is how I managed to solve it.

  • How to install a font without administrator access/rights/privilege/permission

1. Download and install Portable Apps Platform anywhere (Installation doesn’t require admin rights).


2. Remember where did you install it. Say, H:\Portable Apps\


3. Copy and paste the font file to the “H:\Portable Apps\PortableApps\\Data\Fonts” folder (or where you installed the Portable Apps Platform). Create the “Fonts” if it is not already there.


4. Exit and Restart the Portable Apps Platform.

5. Now the font will be available in other applications as well, remember to keep the application running, or it will not work.


Thanks to this awesome guy, who figured this out.




6 responses to “Install a font without admin privilege (windows only)

    • is there any other steps to bypass that administrator privileges? i need to install the required fonts on the computer.

  1. THANK YOU! I’m a university instructor with an admin-only desktop computer. The fonts I use in my powerpoints only show up in the classroom – now I can see them on my desktop PC, too! You rock!

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