What if I talk first? Do the unexpected!

Few weeks ago, i was coming back to my home by the bus. As usual, i was moving towards the very last row (why last row? Long story, may be later!).

Before I sat there, a guy put his bag over there and seeing me approaching, he moved his bag to his other side, i just nodded and took that place and became busy with my phone. Then he asked me, excuse me, are you texting? I said, no, i was just checking my facebook.Then he said, yeah, everyone else is doing the same. I smiled and said, thats true, what else to do during the bus journey?

The guy said, well, you can always talk to other people!


The Swedes are very reserved and usually they are not the conversation starter type. They don’t talk to each other much on the subways or trains or other vehicles. They just simply smile and say, “Hey!” to each other and becomes busy with their phones.

I tried to explain him that as an excuse, but also mentioned that after moving in to Sweden, I tried talking with other people, strangers. But didn’t get a very good response. in

The guy said, That is exactly why i try to talk to people in the bus and trains. You know so many new things and learn from them. It is like an open world, but we are keeping it locked! By the way, where are you from? AAAAh, let me guess, don’t tell me now! India?

That is how it started. On the 35 minute conversation before he got off the bus, we talked about History, Religion, Politics, Sweden and the Swedes etc.

I felt great after having the conversation, and thought I should do the same again!

But never did it.

After seeing this post on 9GAG, I remembered that guy. He might be very insignificant, but his actions were not.



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