Why firefox sync is that complex?

In Chrome, just sign in to Google, and everything is synchronized automatically.

Compared to Ge, it is very very complex and difficult to synchronize Mozilla Firefox. No wonder why many of the people are switching to Google Chrome permanently. Because of my stupid habit, i can’t be one of them as there are are not enough chrome alternatives for those firefox addons. 😦 That is why i kept using firefox even after having the memory management problem and synchronization problem.

It is becoming more and more shitty with every update, and they didn’t fix the High Resource Usage problem in the Firefox 27 😦 I manage to synchronize my firefox among different OS and devices with the help of some firefox extensions like Xmarks and Lastpass, where in Chrome, you just need to sign in to your Google account to keep everything up to date!

I read an article on a newspaper today that titled, “Now you can sync Firefox with your account!” I got excited and tried it, but found out that same old crappy procedure.

Create a Mozilla account, generate your Recovery Key, which is a long string of random characters that you need to save or memorize or write it down somewhere, and without that key, you wont be able to synchronize.

Which looks like this: x-bbz2k-d25sc-uidse-gyued-u2w3v

I say, f*** that. Ain’t nobody got time for that!



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