Why Linux Mint is a better option than Ubuntu (Cinnamon is better than Unity and Gnome)


If one needs to run a debian based user friendly Linux operating system, normally everyone goes for ubuntu. But i eventually got bored with Unity (the default Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 13.10) and tried several other DEs and finally settled to Cinnamon. Compared to the crappy yellowish-reddish-brown color theme of Unity and Gnome, Cinnamon offers a cool green icon theme. One can argue that I could have just changed the icon theme. 😛 But there are several other reasons.

I will not explain them now, i have a deadline tomorrow. 😛

Just tried to explain my feelings here.

  • The Package Manager (MintInstall 7.5.2) is better than Synaptic and Ubuntu Software Centre. In MintInstall the dependencies are automatically installed where Ubuntu simply says “Dependencies are not met” and kills the installation (example: Teamviewer experience).
  • The multimedia codecs (restricted extras) are installed by default.
  • The icon theme and DE simply looks cooler.
  • The startup is faster than Ubuntu.
  • It is actually based on Ubuntu (more specifically Debian), so if you are familiar with Ubuntu, you will have no problem using it.
  • Uses the Flag to show the current keyboard layout.
  • It has a taskbar which support drag and drop between applications, where Unity doesn’t (Not sure about Gnome).
  • The file manager of Mint is Nemo which is far far far better than Nautilus which is used in Ubuntu.

You can achieve almost all of the above in Ubuntu by tweaking and applying other workarounds, where in Linux Mint 16 (Cinnamon) everything is already done for you. The bad thing is that for the forums and sites providing linux mint is not active enough. Again the good thing is that almost every solution applicable for Ubuntu is also applicable for Linux Mint (As both are based on the same parent).

And if you dont like Cinnamon DE, it is also available with KDE, Mate DE, LXDE, XFCE as well.

So, at least give it a try before saying NO.


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