Stepfather cuts both hand of the 8 year old boy

Ibrahim is an 8-year old boy whose both hands were amputated by his stepfather, because he wanted to eat some chips. The boy was left alone at the Dhaka Medical Hospital, where nobody were there to take care of him, even his mother visited never.

In this report, IBRAHIM (the ill-fated 8-year old) says, He asked his stepfather for some chips, then the stepfather went angry and cut down the right hand of him. The boy cried in pain and begged to his stepfather, “Daddy, how would i eat from now on?” The father then got even more angry and amputated Ibrahim’s other hand as well and stabbed several times on his head and face.

I couldn’t hold my tears after watching this report (I think nobody can). Just look at the innocent face of Ibrahim. How could anyone do this to an 8-year old? Just because he wanted to eat some chips? Imagine, a brutal man cutting down Ibrahim’s hands and he is crying and begging, “Daddy, how can i eat now?”
And what kind of mother does nothing about it and never visits his own son at the hospital? and abandon him in this condition???

The report doesn’t disclose how Ibrahim was taken to the hospital or where he is currently. In the report Ibrahim expressed his will to study. He also said that he will try to write with his mouth or feet from now on and won’t be defeated to life.
I am really moved to see this level of motivation and mental strength from an 8-year old amputee.

The report was aired on March 25 at NTV- A satellite TV Channel of Bangladesh.

I love my country, but I have to say this with a heavy heart, life is not so easy in Bangladesh for a 8 year old homeless/guardian-less young boy who has no hands! He could have had a bright future but it is in jeopardy now. Child labor is illegal, but young boys like him has to work in small tea-stalls or restaurants in order to have food to survive.
Now Ibrahim can’t even do that sort of work even, because nobody is gonna hire a boy who doesn’t have any hand!


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