Firefox 26 Sucks!

Switching to Chrome for the time being. Firefox 27 is being released on February 4, 2014. Until then, wont be using it that much.

Firefox slice firefox 27 release date

Firefox 26 has a lot of problems, including taking high CPU and RAM, getting fat and slow everyday, freezing and crashing frequently etc. In Ubuntu, even after quiting firefox, the process continues to run taking upto 240% of CPU and 98% of RAM until you manually kill the process. In Windows, the plugin container becomes bulky after watching a few videos and doesn’t release the memory when the video is closed.


Until these issues are fixed, I am temporarily switching toChrome. Although its tough, because i need to find good alternatives for many of the useful addons of firefox and transfer all the Greasemonkey scripts.

Firegesture and Screengrab are the toughest to find till now. Obviously, i will miss the famous Google Toolbar.


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