[solved] How to type bangla in Ubuntu 13.10 (Linux)


Configuring Unijoy for Bangla typing is much easier in Ubuntu 13.10
Ibus and other required packages are already installed from the beginning.

All you have to do is to go to terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n m17n-db ibus-gtk m17n-contrib

Verify that unijoy is already there:

sudo dpkg -L m17n-db | grep unijoy

Go to Dash and type text entry and open the Text Entry application.

Click on the + sign and search for “unijoy” and select “Bengali (unijoy (m17n))” and click Add.
If you can’t find unijoy on the list, scroll down or repeat the previous step and restart your computer.

Text Entry_003
On the right side boxes, click and hit “F12” key (or any other desired button with which you would like to cycle through input methods). Configure the other options as you desire.Text Entry_004
Tick the box below, “Show current input source in the menu bar“.

Done! Now you are good to go.

You don’t have to manually add ibus on start up because it has already been taken care off.

This article is about typing Bangla in Unijoy/Bijoy/Unibijoy in Ubuntu 13.10 or higher. If you are looking for Avro for linux or older versions, see this two articles:


5 responses to “[solved] How to type bangla in Ubuntu 13.10 (Linux)

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  2. আমার েসানর বাংলা আিম েতামায় ভালবািস
    amar sonar bangla ami tomay valo basi likhte gele uporer somossa gula hoccy. please suggest.

    • কার গুলো পরে লিখুন। আগে না লিখে।
      ডিম লিখতে চাইলে, আগে ড লিখুন, পরে হ্রস্ব-ই কার ি চাপুন, তার পরে ম চাপুন।

      “সোনা” লিখতে চাইলে আগে “স” লিখুন, তারপর ‘ো’ কার চাপুন। আগে এ কার পরে আকার নয়।

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