No Skype 4.2 (64 bit) for Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit ???


[Update: Jan 04, 2013 5:06 AM: Somebody told me that, Skype 4.2 (64 bit) was never released!

Then why this file is there on

Only possible solution is to install the 32 bit version of skype and 32 bit version of libv4l-0 library.

To see how to do it see this post:

How to libv4l-0 32 bit version of in Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit ]

Jan 02, 2014 00:29 AM: Last 24 hours i have been scraping through the internet just to find a way.

No matter what i do, my skype is always compiled 32 bit even though i download a 64 bit version, and my Ubuntu is 64 bit. Even i enabled the multiarch thing.

Now i give up. God knows what is the problem.

It started because the webcam upside down problem has occurred again for me and found out that skype is 32 bit.



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