Another breakthrough for Google Toolbar


I should write everything down before i forget!!!

First install the latest firefox.

Download the Google Toolbar latest xpi file.

Extract it.

Open install.rdf file and modify the max version to whatever you want and save.

Open Lib/toolbar.js, find and replace all with and save.

Go to the top level as if the install.rdf remains on the top level.

Delete META-INF folder.

Select all and zip it, but in the location of the zipped file, place it one level up and put *.xpi as the extension.

That will do the trick.

Previously i did the trick, but every time i modified an extension, i always ended up with an error message saying, the addon has been corrupted, until i found the two articles in StackOverflow which made me understand the problem.


One last thing as i mentioned in my last post.

Firefox 23 and 24 are causing problems with new tabs if you have a toolbar installed. Getting rid of the toolbar is naive way to get rid of the problem.

Just set browser.newtab.preload to false in your about:config to fix this issue.

I will be uploading a new version of Google Toolbar compatible up to Firefox version 32, within a few while, In Sha Allah.


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