Install Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) with Wubi as Dual Boot with windows


Wubi was not available for 13.04 on the Ubuntu webpage. So download Wubi from this link:
and then further navigating to the correct version:

Note: Manual download of iso and install it with wubi keeping it in the same folder results in unresponsive installation (Stuck at “almost done copying files” during installation). So, don’t go for that work around.

If you are planning to install a 64 bit version, the tutorial ends here for you.

To install 32 bit ubuntu with Wubi:
By default Wubi will install the 64 bit version if you have a 64 bit system, but to force wubi to download the 32 bit version, use the parameter “–32bit” after the wubi command.

Method 1: create a shortcut of wubi.exe and click properties. On the end of the target, add “ –32bit” (without quotes and having a space before). Click Apply and Ok.
For example: “c:\users\duck\downloads\wubi.exe –32bit”

Method 2: On command prompt, navigate to the folder containing wubi.exe then run it with the following command and press enter:
wubi.exe –32bit

Wubi will then download the 32 bit version and then install it.


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