Google Toolbar in Latest FIrefox with Speed Dial

angry with updates

Keep using Google Toolbar for Firefox is a challenge and being more and more complicated with each changes made by Google and Mozilla. To keep up with those changes are not simple anymore.

Only die-hard fans of Google Toolbar are likely to go through the painful procedure of installing it in Mozilla Firefox, others are switching to Google Chrome.

Yet, I will try to keep this tutorial as simple as possible.

Caution: Take a backup of your Firefox Bookmarks, Saved passwords, extensions, adblock filters etc.

1. Uninstall any version of Firefox completely.

2. Install Firefox 4.0 from (click this link).

3. Launch the Firefox 4.0 and visit the link below with it.

4. Download and install Google Toolbar for Firefox from the above link with Firefox and  “Allow” installing it when prompted.

5. Restart Firefox and you should see the Google Toolbar.

6. Click Start Menu>Run and type the following:


There should be a folder named something.default in it. Inside there would be folder called Extensions. Inside there should be folder named with some numbers. The total address would look similar to:


7. Edit the file install.rdf with notepad. Find


and replace it with


save it and close notepad.

8. Go to the lib folder and edit toolbar.js with notepad similarly. Find

and replace all with

Save it and close notepad.

9. Restart Firefox.

10. Go to Firefox menu>Help>About Firefox and update it to version 12.0, then again with similar procedure, update it to the latest version.

Now you have a working Google Toolbar in your latest Firefox.

In a nutshell:

    Install Firefox 4
    Install Google Toolbar
    Edit install.rdf and toolbar.js files
    Update firefox to the latest version.
Google Toolbar for Latest of Firefox with Speed dial

Google Toolbar for Firefox

Speed Dial
To set Google Toolbar’s old speed dial, set your New Tab page and Home Page to


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