Sudden Lungi Protest in Bangladesh

Lungi is a tightly wrapped skirt wore by men Bangladesh, southern parts of India and Myanmar. In Bangladesh, about 90% of the males wear lungi, so, you can call it as the most common dress.

Yesterday, a news was published in the Daily Star stating that, None of the rikshaw puller are allowed to enter Baridhara (a posh area in the capital) residential area anymore wearing lungi. The news claimed that, People living at baridhara feel uncomfortable wearing lungi clad rickshaw drivers. Every rickshaw pullers wearing lungi are not allowed to enter baridhara anymore, he has to wear pants (or nothing, but not lungi… please… 😀 )

Baridhara at 11:45am yesterday, he found that the security man on duty Abdul Kader had stopped a rickshaw- puller for wearing lungi and forced the two passengers on board to get down.

A lungi clad rickshaw-puller stopped at the entry of Baridhara in the capital yesterday. Security workers do not let rickshaw-pullers in lungi into the posh neighbourhood following instructions from the association of Baridhara home owners. Photo: Star

Excerpt from the news:

Rickshaw-pullers in traditional Bangalee outfit, lungi, are barred from entering the capital’s Baridhara, one of the country’s most posh neighbourhoods where diplomats and affluent people live.
Baridhara home owners’ association, Baridhara Society, has instructed security personnel not to let in rickshaw-pullers in lungi, requiring them to be in trousers to enter Baridhara, particularly Block K, said security men and local commuters.

As The Daily Star correspondent arrived at the lakeside entry of Baridhara at 11:45am yesterday, he found that the security man on duty Abdul Kader had stopped a rickshaw- puller for wearing lungi and forced the two passengers on board to get down.

When this news was shared in Facebook and other social media, most people actually felt little bit hurt, because, there is a notion that “Only poor people wear lungi and the posh/rich people don’t.” This is not actually true, but people took it seriously because majority of the people in Bangladesh wore lungi at least once in life, and have seen their fathers and forefathers to wear it.

Now, every profession has a dress code, but the question is should we impose this so called “No Lungi Code” to the rickshaw pullers?

A facebook page named “Moja Loss?” (Translation: Are you fuckin’ kidding me?) created an event called “Lungi March Towards Baridhara Park” and earned huge support among Bangladeshi facebookers living home and abroad. They are planning to march towards Baridhara Park on Saturday, April 13, 2013 5:00pm in UTC+06 BD Time.

Lungi March to Baridhara Park Protest Event Cover Photo

Lungi March Event Cover Photo on Facebook

Excerpt from the event:

So the Baridhara Society has a new rule – Rickshawalas inside Baridhara have start wearing pants at all times and can’t enter if they are in lungis. Guards are downright nasty to any

rickshawala in a lungi and have been instructed by the society to shoo them away. Such rickshaws are held up by the guards on their way back and sometimes their tires are punctured. The new Chairman of the society is responsible for this ‘remarkable’ facelift. I bet his forefathers could afford nothing but lungis and he himself wears a tuxedo/shiny sleeping gown even when he goes to bed.

Route of Lungi March towards baridhara

Route of the Baridhara Lungi March

So boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, local Bideshi and Bideshi Bideshis, please join in groups wearing your favorite ‘Lungis’ of any length, color, pattern and peacefully march past Baridhara Park and let some air in your lungis.

One Nation No Discrimination.
Happy Lungi Times!
~ Chowdhury Shaheb

The event page is being overwhelmed by funny comments/pictures and supportive posts from the so called lungi wearing people. Also people are also posting numerous facebook status and changing profile pictures and cover photos (including me) to show support this event against the Ban of Lungi in Baridhara.
People at Somewhereinblog and other blogs, have written a number of posts about it and still people are posting witty comments/status and pictures on different social medias.

Funny or serious, this is the talk of the town for at least tonight.

Some Pictures posted:

58517_438479432904567_800430748_n 552970_438479519571225_415361421_n 533468_10200904712488400_379020672_n 18784_10200822803123181_1197325109_n 544768_489516037764486_13541956_n 181019_631299080219789_2106286100_n 168497_504896759574820_731448727_n 64429_489520561097367_131801496_n 524664_563621460326682_915540840_n 546044_402143119882869_675588497_n


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