Comviq made me look like a goat!


Hi Comviq, This is a very long email. Please take your time to go through.

I ordered a smartphone from you in May 2012 in a condition to recharge 50 kr/month to my phone number (076*******) up to 24 months. I received an email and sms today, claiming that I still have 21 months remaining. How it’s possible?

I missed recharging in July 2012 and told that i will receive a final invoice from you in August 2012. But i never received that invoice from you. I recharged twice in September 2012 to cover for it, but your customer service said that won’t help and i have to pay the invoice. I asked them to send it via email so that I can pay, but they told me to wait for it and it can’t be sent via email as it is managed by another company.

After that, I called several times to your customer service, even the company who manages the invoices. Both parties confirmed that they couldn’t find any invoice issued on my name or my personnummer (********-****) till then. It seemed like, I want pay, but you didn’t allow me!

Till now in April 2013, I haven’t received any invoice from you and continued to recharge every month, as you didn’t send me the final invoice yet, and nothing via email/sms claiming that an invoice on my name is due or anything similar. So, isn’t it imperative to assume that everything is fine?

Now after 10 months, today I came to know from you that, I still have 21 months remaining for my contract! Why were you silent about the contract in the last months then?
You could have sent me the invoice just then when i violated the contract. I could have happily paid you and moved to another contract with you or any other operator.


I guess, there has been a misunderstanding. It would very nice of you if you tell me why do i still have 21 months remaining for my contract. If its from July I was out of the contract, then why I didn’t receive (neither via post, nor via email/sms) any invoice from you? And why now?
You are offering me a chance to restore my contract now, saying I still have to pay 21 months more. So, does that mean, last 8 months, I was recharging, but it was out of the contract?

Sir, sorry for being harsh, but trust me, I don’t want to join the club of your dissatisfied customers.



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