Stupidity of Human…Facepalm

Bangladesh Islami Chhatroshibir

Dumb and Stupid People Everywhere

I was just deleting some image from my desktop and found this epic picture i saw on facebook. Can’t believe how stupid people could be. 😦

Translation: Azimpur (Name of a place) graveyard was being passed by a procession of Shibir (An Islamic Students Organization). I was watching it from my window. There were around 500 people. Heaven and earth was trembling with their slogan. Then I tried to look at their face. None of their faces were clear. Their faces were blurred with a heavenly light. I also noticed that, they were not walking, as if they were floating over the ground. Just then, i realized, they are not human, rather they are the Angels and Jinns!
All hail the Lord!
Please share it.

Funny thing is, even 18 people liked that status and another guy is posting Allahu Akbar there.You-just-went-full-retard


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