How to fix the wordpress upgrade problem when autoinstaller installs an old version

My hosting provided auto installer for wordpress in the cPanel, but it installed the old version of wordpress 3.3.1. After successful installation, whenever i tried to upgrade from the wordpress dashboard to wordpress version 3.5.1, it showed an error saying that

WordPress auto upgrade has failed due to an error. Please try again.

How did manage to bypass the problem and upgraded to wordpress 3.5.1

1. Download the latest and upload it to the server and then extract it to the desired directory, (in my case, root directory).

2. Now install wordpress using the autoinstaller. Don’t bother about the version.

3. After successful installation, visit your website. A message will appear that your database needs to be upgraded. Do it.

4. That it. Visit your wordpress dashboard now and you would see that you are running the latest wordpress.


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