Configuring KTH VPN in Ubuntu 12.10

Installing the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client from windows is just a piece of cake. But for linux, it might not be that simple if you are not a linux guy. Of course, you can use the KTH VPN by many other means, but Cisco AnyConnect is my personal favourite for simplicity.

1. Go to and download and install the certificate by double clicking and following the wizard.

2. Go to and download the appropriate version of Cisco AnyConnect. For me, it was a 32 bit version of Ubuntu 12.10, so i chose,
Please note that, the version of AnyConnect you get from (by running script) no longer works as it was using IPSEC, read more about it here.

3. Extract the downloaded anyconnect-linux-32-latest.tar.gz file and go to that folder via terminal and then go to the vpn folder in it.
In my case it was,


after that, make the executable by the following command:

sudo chmod +x

Run the script by the following command:

sudo bash

You should see a license agreement and press y to accept it.
That’s pretty much about installation.

4. Connecting to the VPN is easy. You can always run the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client by searching for it from the Unity Dash. Start the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client and fill up according to the following:

Connect to:
Group: KTH
Password: your_kth_network_secret (eduroam password)

cisco anyconnect

Note: If you don’t know or remember your network secret (eduroam password), you can see it by clicking here and logging in with your kth username (without and password.

Click Connect.

For the first time only, you will see a warning, just agree with it (Ok/Yes/Whatever) and everything will be fine.

When you are connected to the vpn, you should be able to see the status of the connection and different statistics from the Cisco AnyConnect window.


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