How to install Google toolbar in latest firefox.

[Author note: Outdated!! Doesn’t work anymore. I am still searching for a solution]

This an update of the original article.

      1. Install the

latest version of firefox

      2. Then install the “Addon Compatibility Reporter” from

    and restart firefox. (Without this google toolbar can not be installed).
      3. Install

Google toolbar from


      won’t let you download/install it and


    is trustworthy).
      3. Go to your firefox profie directory. For windows 7: type

If you don’t know the location of your firefox profile directory, learn it from here.

There will be a folder with “default” in its name. Double click on it and goto



      4. Edit


      file with notepad or any other suitable text editor.



and replace all with:

Save and exit.

      5. Similarly, edit the
      file as before to find


Replace with


Save and exit.

    6. Restart Firefox and you are done.

NB 1 : Location of the the toolbar.js and install.rdf file may look like the following.
for win 7:




NB 2 : If you leave the Addon Compatibility Checker installed, you will see an error in the addons page that “Addon Compatibility Checking is Disabled. Click to enable it.” Just uninstall that addon and you will have everything back to normal.


6 responses to “How to install Google toolbar in latest firefox.

  1. Hey, nice tutorial, but btw I’ve installed latest Firefox 12 and google toolbar still doesn’t work properly. I used a small hack to activate the toolbar similar to that you’ve described, but now doesnt work anymore. Can you help please. 🙂

  2. Fucking Article…i tried three times,,,i installed latest version of firefox, then compatibility reporter as mentioned and then toolbar after restarting it,,,error occurs that google toolbar is not comptible with this version..

    • Idiot. Read the first line. Told you at the very beginning that it doesn’t work anymore.
      [Author note: Outdated!! Doesn’t work anymore. I am still searching for a solution]

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